Choose colors that complement your senior’s skin tone.  We will go over this during our initial consultation.

Sweaters...they provide great texture, especially in black and white images.  What is really great when you add a plaid, striped or polka dot shirt underneath to add some color and interest.

Bare you a casual look.  Small heals give you a more polished look and elongate your legs.

Stripes, plaids or polka dots are all great.  Patterns are fun and add some modern style to the photos.

Denim, colorful cords, cargos, skirts...are all great things.

Anything that helps to show off your senior’s personality individuality.

Did I mention color?  Color is fun, adds freshness, makes eyes stand out and flatters skin tones!  Like I said we cover this extensively at our initial consultation.

Outfit changes are a good thing!  Try layering things so it’s an easy and stress- free outfit change.


Avoid anything with trademarked graphics.  Very distracting and won’t be relevant in the future.

Skip contracting clothes - we want you to look your best.  It’s easier to fix bigger clothes in photoshop than small tight clothes.

Stay away from too “mathcy matchy” outfits.  Think modern and playful.

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