As a mom to three teenagers, I know this is a big time in your life and the life of your child.  Senior year is a crazy busy year, filled with many choices.  I promise to make your daughter/ or son’s senior portraits special for them and easy for you.  


I will be there every step of the way.


I love to help seniors see their potential and see their true beauty.  This experience should help build confidence and self esteem as they look at images of themselves and see the amazing person that everyone else sees, especially you.


A little about me, I have three teens, the most dedicated (meaning follow me around everywhere and worships me) dog, and a great husband who has the power to fall asleep anywhere.  I am a natural light photographer, a sun seeker and beauty finder.


I like diet coke, anything sweet, The Property Brother's show, post it notes, being a mom and someone playing with my hair.


I don’t like people who won’t zip in traffic, those that feel entitled, homework, and when my dog eats poop (so gross)!

Senior Photographer, Natural Light, Danville CA, High School Photographer, EastBay